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EMIC Media is a publishing media company, operating on the basic principle of effective partnerships for sustainable development. We are leading in the support for a global solutions network specialising in changing the way the media world impacts communities and promote a prolonged existence of private-public partnerships long after the headlines stop rolling.

Our four pillars of sustainability, EMIC: empower . mentor . inspire . connect. require a collective thinking in approaching issues that affect our world today. We are a solutions based media company bringing together low, middle and high income countries with civil societies, policy makers, the private sector towards sustainability.

Our Mission

Becoming a socially inclusive media network transforming corporate, social, and government cultures around inclusiveness based on community inspired technologies.

Our Values:

Through our reporting, we aim to empower community based projects by connecting them with industries, investors and stakeholders, creating applicable partnerships that have a humanity driven purpose.

Our Vision

  • Strengthening Private-Public Partnerships
  • Promoting new Global Partnerships for economic growth
  • Showcasing Integrated Economic, Social, Political and Environmental Dynamics
  • Reporting on accountable institutions for Good Governance



The SDG Goals

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Current Issue

SDG 17 Cover


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