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EMIC Media is pioneering in constructive media for international development. Our commitment to our global partners in the private sector, civil society and government put us at the forefront of reporting on and tracking the sustainable development agenda. 



Provide Marketing Solutions

Provide marketing solutions modified for crisis recovery within the private sector, government and civil society. 

Facilitate the private sector to adopt, integrate, and rebrand their strategy based on realistic views on resource barriers.


Assert Deliverables

Assert meaningful deliverables to the global agenda and track commitments and progress till 2030 deadline. 

Integrate complex cultures through collaboration and redefine sustainable businesses for the future.


Role of Business

Review participatory projects on the role of business and support redefining quantifiable practices and targets. 

Re-evaluating core business strategies rather than philanthropic strategies for SDGs COVID Response & Recovery.



Showcase strong global partnerships at all levels of implementing sustainable practices.


Report & Publish

Report and publish at key sustainable solutions events in academia, aid, development and trade

Our Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) Journey

The MDGs included eight goals, with 21 measurable targets, which helped focus the world's attention on the most urgent problems, such as extreme poverty, deaths from preventable causes, gender inequality and lack of access to education for children everywhere. In the nine years leading to the 2015 deadline of the MDGs, we were committed to showcasing private-public partnerships in governments, civil society, NGO's, development agencies and the private sector. We reported on success stories and challenges faced on the ground towards the progress of eight goals. The review was an instrumental publication in breaking barriers and giving business and society a platform to address some of the world's challenges collaboratively.

Our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Commitment

The MDGs proved a success on many targets even though not fully met. This created an opportunity to address some of the issues and accelerate the extent of the efforts to maximise on the success of the MDGs. As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), made up of 17 goals and 169 targets took shape, they emerged reflecting a more comprehensive set of aspirations and the multidimensional nature of sustainable development. EMIC Media will continue its alliances with old and new partners, and at the same time, we are aware that an expanded global agenda presents challenges of its own. We now embrace the broad framework and spirit of this bold new vision, and we believe that it is important to communicate the SDG vision effectively, so ordinary citizens can understand and use them to hold their own governments to account. Much of this is welcome and overdue; for example, the more comprehensive coverage of issues such as Gender & financial inclusion, alternative energy, social enterprise, technology & education.


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