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Zubo is a registered, non profit making organisation focused at promoting women and children empowerment programmes in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe. It was established by Zambezi Valley women, at the beginning of 2009 upon realising the lack of adequate attention being given to the issues that affect women and children. Zubo believes that the process of empowering women and girls needs the affected to take a leading role in finding solutions to the problems that affect them.

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Goal 3: Good health & well being

In brief, Zubo’s objectives are: to enhance women’s sustainable livelihoods portfolios through increased access, conservation and benefit sharing of natural resources in the Zambezi Valley, to establish women’s forums and drop in centres that will enhance dissemination of information; and provide therapeutic services for the women in the District,  to promote gender and HIV/AIDS awareness through advocacy, training and exchange visits, to contribute to development research and publications  on women and children in the Zambezi Valley and to coordinate and network with other organisations involved in women and children issues in Zimbabwe.


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Stand 459 Binga, P O Box 119, Binga, Zimbabwe

Email: zubotrust@gmail.com

Website: www.zubo.org

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