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  1. Women's Empowerment Principles ForumGlobal-Compact-Logo

    Website : https://www.unglobalcompact.org/take-action/events/1161-women-s-empowerment-principles-forum
    Dates: 14-15 March 2017
    Venue: New York, NY, United States of America
  2. World Assembly for Women (WaW) 2017Logo-WAW

    Website : http://www.mofa.go.jp/fp/hr_ha/page22e_000788.html
    2017 Dates TBA
    Venue: Tokyo, Japan.
  3. IWF World Cornerstone ConferenceIWF-Official-Vector-Logo-w-RR

    Website : http://iwforum.org/
    Dates: 17-19,  May 2017
    Venue: Stockholm, Sweden

    IWF World Leadership ConferenceIWF-Official-Vector-Logo-w-RR

    Dates: 25-27, October 2017
    Venue: Houston

    IWF World Cornerstone ConferenceIWF-Official-Vector-Logo-w-RR

    Dates: 2-4, May 2018
    Venue: Melbourne, Australia

    IWF World Leadership ConferenceIWF-Official-Vector-Logo-w-RR

    Dates: Miami, USA
    Venue: 24-26, October 2018
  4. WOMEN'S FORUM GLOBAL MEETING 2017Womens-Forum-Logo

    Website : http://www.womens-forum.com/
    Dates: TBA
    Venue: Deauville, France


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