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EMIC Media is pioneering in inclusive media for development. Our commitment to our partnerships in the Civil Society, Private Sector and Governments puts us at the forefront of the global race for sustainable development reporting. 

Fifteen years after the Millennium Development Goals were set in place, the UN's new targets are ambitious. They will need the mobilization of private finance and people all over the world holding their governments to account. Sustainable Development Goals will require a holistic framework that embraces: Economic Development, Social Inclusion & Environmental Sustainability. At the turn of the millennium, the world embraced an unprecedented shared commitment to improve the lives of the world's poorest – by dramatically reducing hunger, maternal and child mortality, and extreme poverty. At the United Nations, all 189 member countries signed on to the Millennium Development Goals, which provided not only a vision of a better world but also a 15-year roadmap with specific targets and timelines. The millennium goals expire in 2015, and will be replaced by a set of 15-year targets known as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted at the UN in September 2015. Given the success of the MDGs, global engagement in developing the new targets has been high throughout a two year process.

Our MDGs Journey

We spent the last nine years of the MDGs working with governments, civil society, NGO's, development agencies and the private sector reporting success stories and challenges being faced on the ground by those working towards the realisation of these goals. We embrace the broad framework and spirit of this bold new vision, and we believe that it is important to communicate the SDG vision effectively, so ordinary citizens can understand and use them to hold their own governments to account EMIC Media will continue its alliances with old and new partners, and at the same time, we are aware that an expanded global agenda presents challenges of its own. The MDGs included eight goals, with 21 measurable targets, which helped focus the world's attention on the most urgent problems, such as extreme poverty, deaths from preventable causes, gender inequality and lack of access to education for children everywhere. As the SDGs have taken shape, 17 goals and 169 targets have emerged. This reflects a more comprehensive set of aspirations and the multidimensional nature of sustainable development. Much of this is welcome and overdue; for example, the more comprehensive coverage of issues such as Gender & financial inclusion, alternative energy, Social enterprise, technology & education.


The SDG Goals

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Current Issue

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